The Day I Met Her

I wrote this on May 6, 2013 when my life felt like it was in shambles. I was out of school, working a dead end job, just skating by with as little responsibility as I could manage to have. It’s rough (and heavy with the cliches), as it’s never been edited or revised, but, through 3 different computers and countless flash drives, I’ve always made sure to save it as is because I feel like it’s perfect the way that it is, if only because it’s a transparent snapshot of my thoughts and feelings from that day. It was the beginning of a beautiful love story. For Lauren:


I don’t believe in karma, and I’m most certainly not under the impression that there’s some sort of God or Supreme Being looking down on all of us, pulling the imaginary strings of Earth and its beings; my brain just doesn’t work that way. Every now and then, though, the universe has a way of brightening our spirits. Sometimes, when we’re stressed about work or school or friends or whatever, something can happen, something that just feels right, something that feels meant to be, and it can change our entire outlook on life and set us on a different path. Today, that something happened to me. Today, I met her.


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